Sigh. I’ll be offline for a few days. It seems 20gb just isn’t enough these days when you’re developing and trying to hoard programming ideas. I’ve reached my capacity here so I need to do some major cleanup of my system and some re-installs. Such is the life of a Windows developer. I don’t have a release date for 2.0 yet but will have once I straighten things out here at silicon heaven. Seeya!

Argh. I just can’t win. Well, no update tonight. I’m struggling with some twisted internal error my compiler is spitting out. It’ll either be reinstall time or a PC that gets tossed out the window by the end of the evening. I’ll let you know how the battle goes.

Nothing to do?

What a lazy day. I have to admit that I love the weekend. No alarms. No pagers. No phones. No interruptions. And I even found some time this morning to get some graphics onto the site and make it look a little more interesting. There’s hope for this guy yet.

Off for the weekend. I should return with some goodies (although I have said that for a few weekends, so don’t take my word for it). I’m having a few compatibility issues with the new blue and some existing code so I should have it worked out by the end of the weekend. Catcha later!

Baby steps, baby steps

Gads. What is this? Real content coming? A stable layout that doesn’t change each time you visit the site.

Yup, I’m actually spending some much needed time to get this site back into shape. I’m tired of not having a place to call my own and show off whatever it is I have to show off (and I think I have a lot to show off). So this is the first step but certainly not the last. Baby steps, baby steps, baby…

A slow night as I’m recovering from terminal stupidity at work. It’ll pass. One cool thing that I thought I’d mention are some neat ICQ skins for The Sims and (oh heavens) blueprint. ICQ is a chat program that a gob of people use (myself included) and allows you to create custom application ‘skins’ to change the look of them (the next version of blueprint allows you to do this as well). Anyways, you can find the ICQ skins here if you’re into that sort of thing.

Two quickies tonight.

First, thanks to those who are interested in writing tutorials. I’ll be going through your messages and getting back to you as soon as I can. A few crafty members of the Sims community pleaded to get a copy of Edith to write tutorials on that. Clever. Uh…. no.

Second, please stop emailing me about the character editor program. It is not available and won’t be for sometime (probably a couple of months at least). I was just posting news about what was coming up but some people (a whole whack of them) wanted to know where they could download it and why their copy of blueprint didn’t have it in it. Go figure.


Greets. I wanted to update you with the plan for the next release (and future releases) of blueprint. Of course, there’s the Sims book due out hopefully by the end of the year. In the meantime, the next version of blueprint offers two modes. Object builder mode and scene builder mode. Object builder mode is the same as what is there today. The ability to import 3D formats, construct your own 3D objects and create Sims objects. I don’t have confirmation right now (but will get it) but from my discussions with Will Wright, objects will be compatible with future versions of the game (including the online Sims, Sims 2 or whatever you want to call it). Scene builder mode lets you build static images using Sim characters, 3D objects and other game models. These images can be used for web pages, desktops, Sims comics, whatever your creative mind can come up. After the next release I’ll begin work on two new modes for the program. The first is an extension to scene builder mode called movie builder mode. This expands the static images you can create with the next release and will allow you to direct your own little Sim movies. The output can be static images, AVI files or MPEG movies. So put that away in your minds and start thinking about what you might be able to come up with. I’ll have more info on this later. The second new mode is character builder mode. This will allow you to modify existing Sim meshes, edit character animations or create new character meshes from scratch. This includes a skin painter that lets you paint right onto the Sim model. You can create new characters and animations with this module and by that time, the editing capabilities of blueprint will allow you to assign these animations to new objects, thereby making blueprint your one stop shopping experience for continuing to expand The Sims until the cow comes home. Please do NOT email me asking when these modules will be done, everything will be posted here in the coming months as things are completed so you’ll be the first to know.

Hi guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get things together for todays post but things are in the works for a new release so stay tuned for a firm date on that. In the meantime, I’m putting out a call to arms. If you’re interested in writing new tutorials on blueprint then this is your chance. I’m looking for a few good people that are willing to write some tutorials for the site. I’m just underway of revamping them and making them web and printer-friendly based so your tutorials will be part of that change. The requirements are simple. Create a tutorial to do something in blueprint. It can be a simple introductory tutorial of how to build some basic things, working with 3D objects, texturing. lighting or whatever else you can think of. The payoff? You’ll get your tutorial posted here with full credit, you’ll get a working copy of the latest release of blueprint to build your tutorial and parts of your tutorial might make it onto the Sims book CD-ROM (with your permission of course). So if you’re interested please email me with some info about yourself. An example of your work would be great too. Once approved, I’ll send you a copy of the program and the format the tutorials need to be in (1 screenshot per step). So let me know!

A slow day getting ready for the long weekend. I might have a few surprises by the end of the weekend though so I’ll see you Monday with a report. Have a good one!