Greets. After a full day of getting SimExplorer ready, unfortunately I just won’t make it before the new year (MST that is). Just too many things to do and not enough time (the story of my life). However it’ll be along shortly along with blueprint. In the meantime, here’s some animated eye-candy of the new version (SimExplorer that is). The program has two modes for viewing IFF files. Simple and Advanced (the animation toggles between the two). In simple mode, you basically get a similar display to what is already in the current version (however it’s been updated to allow you to browse multiple objects and graphical states of each object). In advanced mode, well, you get the kitchen sink and more. Every resource type is displayed and most are interpreted for you and displayed in a readable fashion (for example the PALT resources are displayed as a 16×16 grid of colours). I’ll be adding more and more resource types over the next few weeks after the release so eventually all resource types will be viewed in a happy-happy-joy-joy form (rather than a default HEX view that it currently flips to if there’s no special viewer available). In any case, this should be an object hackers dream as you can pick apart IFF files (and others) to your hearts content and maybe discover something hiding in those objects that you never saw before. Click on the image to see the full size version. Oh yeah, happy new year and all that jazz.

Hi guys. Okay, two things for tonight.

First, the new blueprint will come along shortly in the new year (probably a week or two at the lastest). This is one of the main reasons I hate to give release dates because things come up and I can’t make them so I usually only give them when I’m sure of a date. With blueprint, I figured I had plenty of time between Christmas and New Years to get the final changes/fixes done and get it packaged up. Of course reality set in and there I was wasting visiting friends, running around shopping and generally being a normal citizen for a change. So sue me. In any case, it’ll be released shortly and you won’t be disappointed. Have I ever disappointed you before?

However, while I won’t be releasing blueprint for you I do have a verifiable kick-ass update to SimExplorer. Trust me, this is THE update you’ll want to get. I’ve basically been fixing things up lately and decided to give the program a spring cleaning while I was doing the update. My mind went wild and I started putting in gobs of features and things that people have been asking for. The new release for tommorow will feature the following:

  • New viewing capabilities, handles all Sim formats
  • New hex viewer for viewing unknown file types
  • Automatic detection of special IFF types like files that contain only strings
  • New text viewers
  • New image viewers with crop, pan, scale, etc.
  • On the fly conversion of binary skin formats to text and back again
  • Browse inside Far files
  • Select multiple objects and create new Far files
  • Archiving of objects, walls, floors, skins, etc. to any location (including zipping options)
  • Inplace editing of some attributes/files
  • Plus all the current features of viewing walls, floors, and other Sim content

To name a few. So stay tuned and if you’re not too inebriated tommorow then be sure to drop by and grab this update. Cheers!

Greets. As the year rolls to a close, I realize that I have almost a dozen programs for The Sims and for you, the user, it might be a PITA to keep abreast of the changes/upates to them. So I put together a nice little program called the blueprint Program Updater (couldn’t think of a funky name for it). It’s pretty basic. It loads up, checks what the current version of any of my software you have installed and checks to see if there are any updates on the website. You then select the ones you want to update, click on “Update” and the new versions will be automatically downloaded and installed for you. Simple huh? Even a child can use it. At least I think so. Here’s a screenshot. Watch for this program shortly.

Wow. What a week. Pretty much nothing done on the site or programs. Lots of playing games, lounging around the house and pretending I’m an Iron Chef. Anyways, have a good weekend. Guess everyone can take a few days off here and there. So that’s my allotment for the year. Back to blue.

Hope you had a happy boxing day. Lots of sales and such out there. Me? I picked up 100 blank CDs for $30. Not a bad haul. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, Canada, England, Australia and various other countries have a celebration of boxes (or something like that) and spend all their hard earned Christmas money the next day when everything is 50% off. It’s tradition.

May the Blessings of Christmas be with you all, wherever and however you may celebrate this Season. May Peace and Joy be with you this year, and may you spread wisdom and kindness to everyone you interact with.

And if you got a good haul from the fatman this year, feel free to share it.

Ho diddly ho neighbor! Hope you and yours are having a Mary Exmas, sitting by the plastic tree bathing in the green, blue and magenta blinking lights tonight. I wish you all a happy holidays and hope you the best for the new year. Remember not to drink and drive, as you’ll end up spilling egg nog all over that new suit of yours.

Hey guys. It’s update day today. I’ve uploaded the new ObjectEditor program for you to use. It’s a stand-alone version of the ObjectEditor that will come with blueprint 2 (and basically the same as the one from blueprint 1). This gives you a preview of the object while you’re editing it and lets you edit most properties of an object. Remember the object must be a writable IFF file on your hard drive. It cannot edit files that are embedded in Far files. Use Far Edit to extract them first. The program will support loading and saving Hot Date objects but does not edit the categories or downtown flags. I’m still testing that part (and there are other programs out there to do that). I’ll be updating some other programs today if I get a chance to be HD compatible, like the cloner and viewer.

Please note that when you install this program it defaults to a new directory (not the blueprint one). These programs need to be installed to a separate directory as they’re all using various versions of the same DLL files. Welcome to DLL hell. At some point they’ll all be the same version and there won’t be any issues, but for now just install them to their own directories. Thanks.


Just a quick note. I found out the full source code to Quake II has been released (John Carmack, whom I have almost as much respect for as Will Wright, released the Quake I source last year). Not that this is Sim news, but another great commercial game is out there under the GPL. Just wish they’d release at least the original Sim City or some Sim games under the GPL. Now THAT would be cool. You can find the Quake II source on most game file servers (File Planet, etc.) just good luck in finding a mirror that has a copy you can grab without waiting until New Years for it to download. Hmm.. time for SimQuake?