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Month: December 2001 (Page 4 of 8)

Hey guys. Had the last couple of days off programming and getting things ready for the final release. Everything looks great and is working quite well. A few hiccups like any software but hey, I’m a one man band so you have to cut me a little slack. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas! Oh wait, not yet. Sorry, got ahead of myself there. Too much roasting my chestnuts on an open fire today (hmm… that didn’t come out quite right). Never mind.

I’ve updated the File Formats section (that I said I would 3 months ago, better late than never right?) with a description of the SKN files. I know, I know. This isn’t much of a mystery as MilkShape can import it and various Sim tools can modify them (like BodyMesh) but there it is. I’m just working on the CMX file which describes the suits, skeletons and practices for a Sim then onto the other animation formats. Maybe armed with this someone will put together a character animation program? Well, check out Simpose-ium as Clive has some basic support for this now. Enjoy.

Greets. Pretty quiet the past couple of days. Been going oingo boingo at work trying to catch up. I finally did so I’m off for the next couple of days to lounge around in my underoos and program the day away (with the occasional frag in Unreal Tournament thrown in for good measure).

Found something interesting Sim fans around might like. A company called bioVirtual sells a product called 3DMeNow (I know, where do they come up with these names??). Anyways, it takes photographs and turns them into 3D models. Basically supply it a front and side view of someone and it’ll create a 3D model that can even be animated. Of course, getting this into The Sims will need some work but it’s possible. So if you’re looking to blast yourself (or someone else) into The Sims and don’t have the creative juices to do the skinning yourself, try this app out (man that sounds so much like a commercial for these guys). The product is cheap (based on what it can do) and only $49 but you can download a demo from here.

BTW if you hadn’t noticed, the blogback (comment) feature isn’t working very well. Either that or someone is getting cute with posting HTML or Javascript or something. In any case, I don’t have any control over it as it’s hosted at another site so just relax and go play with your Christmas tree or something. It’ll eventually work itself out.

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