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Month: January 2002 (Page 3 of 8)

Hi guys. I’ve just released SimExplorer 2.1.1. This version has the following changes:


+Career resouces are now interpreted and displayed


!Objects now face NE by default instead of NW

!DEL key to delete objects instead of CTRL+D

!Known IFF files without objects automatically select object view

You can download the latest release or a patch that will update any 2.x version of SimExplorer to the latest version from the SimExplorer page here.


Hi guys. Got tied up in doing some comic book work this weekend so I had to put the programming off for a bit. Back later in the week with the updates. And for those of you that have nothing better to do than bitch about it, tough. It’s my website and I’ll peddle my news if I want to. If you don’t like it then don’t bother coming here. You’ll just get beat up by some of the other users. You can always grab it from TSR or something when it gets released. ’nuff said.

Mark Sutherns, the disc editor over at PC Gamer UK, asked me if he could include the latest version of SimExplorer on the next PC Gamer cover disc. I always like seeing my stuff crammed onto a commercial CD so if you’re in the UK check out the mag. There’s also going to be heap of stuff included from The Sims Resource and other Sim goodies.

Hi ho. Just a quickie tonight to say that I’ll have a few updates this weekend. A few changes to some existing programs and hopefully the release of a new version of FarExplorer (FarEdit) if time permits. Seeya.

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