Career Creator 2 released!

Hi dear visitors,

I’ve worked for 3 months, but now it’s finally finished: Career Creator 2. It took a long time to program everything from scratch (remember I lost all source code of Career Creator 1) but the result is better than I imagined. The program is capable of doing many interesting things:

– change job and career information.

– change Chance Cards: bonuses, job transfers, and such.

– modify the icons of the career tracks (like the tank for the Military Career).

– import and export careers to exchange with your friends and fans.

– backup careers whenever needed (like when installing an expansion pack).

– works with FAR files, so there’s no manual extracting needed anymore.

– when CarPortal.iff can’t be found (which shouldn’t happen), the problem is simply ignored!

That’s just a summary of its functionality. Documentation is included in the download. It includes a tutorial (a need to read) and so-called thumb rules when creating careers. I’ve written these thumb rules so you have a few guidelines when making careers. When you’ve finished one, you can upload them to The Sims Resource, as a new category will be up very soon.


Tom van Dijk.

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Some news

Hiya folks,

I’ve returned from Rome. I’ve had a great time there, really. Now it’s time to get back to programming and such :-). I still need to test things a bit on Vacation but if things turn out to work well I hope to release Career Creator 2 very soon! I’m not sure yet what I will do after that but I think I’ll work a bit on IFF Pencil 2. I’m not sure when I’ll finish that but it will be a nice program, believe me, it already is :-).

Only 12 days at school left, then to spend 5 days making tests….. then some days to end things and then….. 8 months to spend on everything but school. Now I hope I get into the correct “productive” mood by then so you’ll be happy once again. I’ll be around for you to answer most questions. I think I’ll need to make a FAQ page real soon…

BTW To all people out there: do not open attachments with viruses! I get bugged with a virus every day once or twice… it gets boring and takes a lot of bandwidth at my email account.

Well… that’s what new at mine. Greets,


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The Sims – PS2 Style

Not much going on as Bil struggles with the horrors of the universe…

According to this news item over at ToTheGame, EA announced that The Sims will be ported over to the PS2. Now millions of housewives will be able to get into relationships, attract men, take care of housework all on the TV, no soap opera required. Thanks to Jan and Robert over at the SimsZone for that info.

Also if you buzz around in other game worlds, you might notice that I’ve taken up writing tools for a new game called Dungeon Siege. I’m pretty hooked on the game (spending FAR too much time playing it) and have been in contact with some of the developers on file formats and game internals. You can check out what I’m doing in that arena here. Yes, I know. Some people will blast me for straying from The Sims to write tools for “other” games. It’s my compiler and I’ll do what I want with it, so there!

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Updating CC2 and other programs

Hi guys. Just a quick update for this weekend (I know, we haven’t been posting every day, blah blah blah). Tom is heading off to search for the abominable snowman so I’m going to be helping out his testers and any quick fixes needed for Career Creator 2. I don’t know the release he has planned, but it should be available soon.

I’m also pulling together blueprint for the testers this weekend after moving things around in the code. It’s pretty solid now so once I add a couple of more functional things that I broke it should be a short time for testing then releasing it to you. Then I’m off to get the other tools going again so watch for news and screenshots and all those goodies shortly. In other words, a pretty busy weekend for me. The usual.

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FaceGen Modeler

Not sure if I mentioned this program before, probably because it’s mucho denero however there’s a pretty slick program over at Singular Inversions called FaceGen Modeler. It’s an OpenGL based parametric face modelling software that generates high resolution texture maps, detail textures and exports to popular formats (no, not the Sims). The catch of course is that it’s $$$ (495 US) so I would consider that out of range for a tool for The Sims. It does have some cool features like random face generation (way better than Maxis’ head thingy) and age, gender, and race morphing. You could export it (if the demo allows) to JPEG or even a 3D format for later use. In any case, you can check it out here and make sure you click on the random face thingy on the page a few dozen times. It’s pretty cool too.

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Celebration of 1 year The Sims programming

Hi my dear friends,

I’m sorry for having forgotten that I started working on The Sims and these file formats exactly one year ago, May 1st 2001. I didn’t keep notes at that time so I don’t remember well how it all started…. but the first program I then wrote was IFFEdit. Probably most people don’t remember that program well. After all, it was a real programmer’s program, designed for myself and not very well suitable for people who didn’t program it (you know, 10 buttons at a row and some vague descriptions no-one understands anyway). Ever since, a lot of things have happened. I created the IFF Explorer packet containing add-ons like Career Edit (yes, there was a Career editing program after all!), Object Edit (VERY basic), Neighborhood Edit and Expert Edit. Might have been more programs, I’m not sure since I’m at a friend’s right now. All these programs were of course only working with pre-Hot Date programs. After a while I started programming SimFlux and Career Creator. I also made File Archive Reader and Script Station. I made a backup at September 10th of all programs before SimFlux. Unfortunately my computer crashed while backupping in January, causing me to lose all source code I made after that date. I’ve been programming ever since to restore the old “glory”. At this moment, Career Creator 2 is almost done, File Archive Reader 2 is finished and most technology of that time is restored and even improved.

Looking back at the previous year, it’s been a year full of surprises on the one hand and problems every now and then on the other hand. Your feedback, thank-you messages and the fact that you actually downloaded my things have been inspiring and motivated me to continue. It will keep inspriring me. You’ve always been patience when things went wrong. There have been some periods while I wasn’t having much luck: I even took a break of about a month somewhere mid-2001. But right now, things are going well. I hope to finish Career Creator 2 soon. I hope to start writing other tools as well. I hope to be able to help you on new things and allow you to extend the possibilities…. remember: your imagination (and the SIMS.EXE file) is the limit!



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CC-2 beta testing

Hi all. Just a quick note. I believe not all my beta testers have signed their agreement yet. I’ve already prepped the site and sent those who did the URL and such. Please reply a.s.a.p. like requested in the email. I’m not sure when enough beta testing has been done. As I’m away for a week soon, it might take some weeks. Just have some patience…


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Career Creator agreements out… and some virus rocking our world …. and the dream world becoming controlled.

Hi folks….

some interesting things today. First off, I’ve just sent out the beta agreements for my dear beta testers who are going to test Career Creator 2. I still need Bil to set up some forum but well… do we need one? As long as there are no bugs 😎

Well well well…. I’ve got some bunch of email lately… most are from people thinking I’m Bil.. these ask questions like “When’s Blueprint out?” (it’s already out),. “How does Blueprint work?” (I don’t know) and “Why does Blueprint crash?” (it does randomly for me, but that’s because I have only 100 MB free or so). Anyway… lately I’ve gotten quite a lot of games! Yeah, it seems are world is flooding with new programmers who like sending ME their “first new game” (or alternatively, some sexy pictures of their girlfriend) … of course there are one or two attachments containing viruses as well… OK one thing at a time.. NEVER open a “.PIF” attachment and if you see one, you know almost for sure it’s a virus. And if someone sends you a file *WITHOUT* noticing first ask him before opening it (even if it’s Script Station 2 which doesn’t exist).

Anyway, the new virus is Klez-E. Information about Klez-E:

Now up to another topic. If you ever feel the need to kick me or Bil, you don’t need to come over to our place. Do it in your dreams! I’ve just found this cute site which helps people controlling their dreams… it seems possible, I’m currently trying out myself but I can’t even remember any dreams I dream so I wouldn’t even notice I would’ve controlled a dream anyway. This technique is called “Lucid dreaming” and information about it can be found right here ( or It seems you can just imagine someone or something standing in front of you and it appears (in your mind of course). Then you can imagine a nice hammer or what and smash all ye like. Unfortunately there are no photographs of me one this site :> You can’t imagine me :> But you can imagine Bil of course 🙂 grin. If you are interested, just go to this site and you’ll see. If you get any results, just drop me a line 🙂


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