The Sims – PS2 Style

Not much going on as Bil struggles with the horrors of the universe…

According to this news item over at ToTheGame, EA announced that The Sims will be ported over to the PS2. Now millions of housewives will be able to get into relationships, attract men, take care of housework all on the TV, no soap opera required. Thanks to Jan and Robert over at the SimsZone for that info.

Also if you buzz around in other game worlds, you might notice that I’ve taken up writing tools for a new game called Dungeon Siege. I’m pretty hooked on the game (spending FAR too much time playing it) and have been in contact with some of the developers on file formats and game internals. You can check out what I’m doing in that arena here. Yes, I know. Some people will blast me for straying from The Sims to write tools for “other” games. It’s my compiler and I’ll do what I want with it, so there!