Current Status

Hi all,

it’s been awhile since our previous post. Bil is very busy doing all sort of things, including his job which has taken a lot of time recently. Since Blueprint 2 is quite a complicated program a lot of source code needs to be rewritten to enhance the possibilities. Regarding me, I’m finishing schoolwork. The last week I’ve spent evenings and almost nights to finish all these reports and I only need to find out the amount of carbon dioxide used by a plant when in red, green, blue and white light and then I’ve finished these things. After that I need to make about 12 tests, taking another week off my time. Then some days off, then getting the grades, then some days off, then bringing the books back and then I’m having too much time.

Oh and of course I might be suffering some side-effects of a vaccination here in Holland. Everyone having up to 18 years of age will be injected against this disease, Meningokokken C.


Tom. (and Bil but in Canada it’s probably early morning right now.)