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Hi guys,

Okay. So MGON doesn’t have time to fix the problem yet, but they have offered a quick fix that will copy the content over every hour. So essentially we’ll have updates, the very much concious Tom and I will just have the wait an hour or so to see the effects. Kind of a delayed debugging but it’ll get the info out to you which is the main point right?

So I’ll be completing the blueprint/blueprintPro matrix today as it’s far from complete and Tom is working on one for CCPro as well. I’ll also be updating the blueprint area with new screenies of the new versions and sometime this week (when I come up for air) new tutorials and help files. That should make everyone happy while we whisk our software off to the magical CD-ROM elves for publication. Thanks!

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Yes this is silly. No I haven’t lost my mind just yet.

We’ve been having problems with the site for the past month or so. News posts (and page updates) are FTP’d up to the server but then not copied over to the web server (guess they’re in different locations at MGON central). I thought they had fixed it on the 29th because I had done the posting and it (eventually) showed up, but that was the result of a manual effort by an MGON guru. So now it looks like it’s been fixed today (the 30th) but this is yet another annoying test message to see if it really is fixed. Will it show up after I click “Post & Publish”? Will the world stop spinning on mornings after $1.50 shooter night at the local pub? Will Tom ever regain conciousness? These questions and more will be answered shortly…

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News postings back (again)

Hi guys. Hopefully our news postings (and site updates) are back for good now. Sorry about the lapse there. I uploaded the feature matrix (you can find it on the blueprint program page) that compares the free version with the pro version. When I made it, we were experiencing the site problems so it’s incomplete right now. I’ll finish it tonight and upload a newer version that covers all of the features. It was my “Lets see if this shows up” test, which finally is showing up now so I’ll complete it. Tom will probably do the same with CC. Back later with more info. Thanks for the wait!

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blueprint Feature Matrix

Hi guys,

Just a quickie (I know you love you them!). I have a blueprint/blueprintPro feature matrix put together, but again the site is being a little unco-operative so if I can’t get it up by the end of the day then I’ll do a news posting with the matrix. This shows you what features are included in each version of the program so you can choose to hand over your cash or not. Yes, it’s early and there’s been no caffeine input yet so I’m a little punchy.

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Career Creator Pro

OK Guys, I’ve had hundreds of emails from people all over the worlds asking me what would be in CCP so I’ll tell you a bit. Basically I’m in the middle of rewriting half the program. The system will change a bit, since you’ll now have a list of, say, 50 or 100 careers and of these you choose 10 or 16 (depends on your installation) which you “activate”.

There will also be some nice CarPortal enhancements, such as a “retired” sim. (Someone asked for that recently, and it turns out to be possible some way) There will be more interesting stuff of course, but I’m not sure how much I may tell right now.

Oh, and before I forget, there will be lots of wizards and all that stuff. It’s gonna be much easier for you guys to pump out your careers 🙂 Man I’ve been busy for weeks to implement THAT stuff…

So does that sound nice?

Hey Have A Nice Day! (It’s 24 o CLICK right here so I’ll see you later)


P.S. This post is not blank. Guess you already figured that out 🙂

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More ‘Pro’ rumblings

Back now in hopefully a somewhat regular fashion. Between the site problems and other Life 1.0 issues, it’s a wonder anything gets done. Anyways, there’s been a lot of feedback, both here and via email/forums/passenger pidgeon/etc. about the ‘Pro’ versions of our software so I thought I would address them in this post.

As for blueprint, it will still be free. I stated that long ago and continue with that stance. blueprint (the version you download from here) and all it’s future versions will always be free. blueprintPro. Well, that’s an uber-enhanced version with features that were not part of the original design or features that just help people along the way. Will some ‘Pro’ features migrate into the free version? Probably not but anything is possible. The base functionality of the system and the ability to create objects will be the same in both, however the way you do it in ‘Pro’ might be easier, faster, etc.

The new ‘free’ version will be released shortly to co-incide with the ‘pro’ version however since I don’t have to produce CDs, ship boxes and all that jazz, you’ll be able to get the free version sometime earlier than the pro one hits the stores. When exactly I’m not sure as something set me back so I’m still finishing up Pro then migrating some of the changes back into blueprint, however before Sept. 1 is an accurate estimate.

As for the price of the pro version, $30 is what we agreed upon based on other products out there, the cost of the game itself, etc. etc. At some point you have to decide on something and that was it. Of course, like anything, software always fluctuates. If you really don’t like the price then the answer is quite simple. Don’t buy it and use the freeware version instead. No price will appeal to everyone (even free as some people still think that’s too much) so it’s just a matter of finding something that looks right and going with it.

If you have any other specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or take it to the forums (preferred) where we can duke it out like real mice. Enjoy!

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News posts back, ‘Pro’ software and updates

Hi guys,

We’ve been sort of offline as far as news goes for quite some time, so the posts have piled up and now they’re back. Sorry about that. Everything is working normal again thanks to the guys at MGON so we’ll be back to regular news posts. Of course, now the lustre has worn off but hey, maybe not everyone reads the forums so maybe this is news to you.

Both Tom and I have worked out deals with Abacus software to market ‘Pro’ versions of our software.

Yes, Abacus software are the guys who published (not wrote) Face Factory. They had nothing to do with That’s Life (except that the guys who put together That’s Life wrote the Face Factory software). Abacus (IMO) is a respected publisher who puts together quality add-ons for games. Their Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator products are these such products and are well respected in their fields.

These are not expansion packs for the game and we do not need anyones permission to put them out. They’re simply commercial versions of our free programs. Being such, we have to offer something more than what we have so blueprintPro is a spin-off from the soon to be released blueprint2 version, with a few extras (wizards, more formats, more features, etc.). I can’t speak for Tom, but for CC it’s the same idea. Other authors have put together commercial programs (Simenhancer, etc.) and we’ve also pumped in hundreds of ours of our time into making these tools and are proud of our efforts. Is it a sin to profit from our work and provide something to the masses that don’t get exposed to the game online like you guys do. Nah. To be sure, thanks to Abacus’ work, the legal eagles at EA/Maxis have gone over Face Factory to make sure there is no corporate branding put in or unofficial graphics or images to make it appear that FF is a product of Maxis, and will be doing the same with our products. They are well aware of what’s going on and have no quams about it so we’re not trying to sneakily push something out the back door to simply make money.

You can see the details about the products here. blueprintPro is a commercial version of the new version of blueprint that I’ve been working on. The free version will still be available, the Pro version is just aimed at a larger, off-the-shelf audience who doesn’t normally live online like you guys do. The Pro version features some new wizards to help object creation easier along with some new tools that are only available through this uber-enhanced-customizable-super-charged user interface. It also features a special object and material library and internet updates. The freeware version will still create perfectly good objects for the game and have all the great 3D features you’ve been reading about.

Tom can speak directly about his “pro” version of Career Creator which should be similar in fashion to blueprintPro. Both titles can be ordered through Abacus directly or your favorite online retailer (Amazon.com, EB games, etc.)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or concealed lizards of any kind feel free to hook up with me in the forums.


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