FARx now views XA, IFF, BMP files

Well Bil, ironically all trash files here are about 4096 bytes too! (Not that I lost any recently). I bet Microsoft implemented a secret “Make_Trash_Out_Of_File” function 😉

OK Back To Serious. I’ve allowed FARx to carry some code that plays XA files, converted my own Code Base to allow viewing IFF files in FARx (to be exactly, I used new FAR handling routines in FARx because it’s directory-oriented and the FAR and IFF routines were no longer compatible, since the IFF file manager relies on FAR files too) oh where was I? And I’ve subclassed Microsoft to display BMP files. You can download FARx at the beta site.

Regarding translation of CCP, it’s going quite well. The Yiddish one has been finished last week and we’ve scheduled Esperanto for over two weeks. Currently we’re working on Klingon and Romulan.

Oh.. .you don’t read Romulan. Too bad…. ok I’ll try again. Maintenant, nous traduisons ce programme en français. (Yes my french still isn’t better than yesterday). Wir haben schon das Programm im Deutsch umgesetzt (that’s German, finished a week ago). Zeer spoedig is het ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar (Hurray that’s Dutch! Oh yes, we’re working on it!)

So much for CCP and FARx. Any feedback can be sent to my address. Can someone explain these viruses in my Inbox? Hey guys, get an antivirus!


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Warping up.. or is that wrapping?

Hi guys,

Yup. Back again and yes, still not quite finished blueprintPro. However we do have a drop dead date and we’ll meet it. Basically just cramming all the stuff together and making Humpty Dumpty work as flawlessly, professional and happy as we can is taking time (and it’s toll on both my sanity and brain power). But hey, I did learn a harsh lesson years ago when my HD crashed with the first blueprint (and a copy of my first book). Earlier this week when I was toiling there was a light snowfall in the air. Rather than building a snowman, I was building blueprint but of course a city unprepared for the first snowfall is one unprepared for the fraility of the environment that comes with it. Needless to say, around 4pm my power blew (along with crashing my editor and source code). When it came back an hour or so later, the file I had open (one of the main viewing modules for blueprint) was now 4096 bytes of digital trash. Luckily, from my past brush with stupidity, I had it backed up in my source control system. I had some work to rebuild but nothing drastic. Anyways, still working away at the release, finalizing the CDs, working out all that stuff while Abacus gets the packaging ready and completes their tests and whatever else they do (and do it so well).

On the other side of the fence (and Tom can chime in here anytime) I hear Career Creator Pro is going well, being translated into Yiddish, Esperanto and whatever languages there are out there and hitting the stores (or has already done so, but I haven’t seen it here in wintery Calgary). Kudos to you and again the great team at Abacus for producing an excellent product.

And hey, we’re just getting started with all this.

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You guys never cease to amaze me

It’s amazing how many freaks there are out there that have nothing better to do with their time than to screw things up for the rest of us. Case in point, our ever-present and oh so resourceful waste of a human being “None” (who so easily hides behind that great anonymous shield we call the Internet) has successfully shut down the BlogBack commenting system, permanently. Basically it proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a little responsibility in the hands of an imbecile can mean total disaster. I got tired of deleting posts and blocking IPs so well, screw it. I’ll take the hit on paying for the service for the rest of the year and not using it, at least it means we won’t be blasted with stupid dumbass comments and ignorant play-by-plays by the peanut gallery. Unfortunately it means that no longer can you comment on posts we make (which, IMHO I found insightful and sometimes useful for future releases). Thanks a lot jackass. Hope you’re happy.

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New FAR tool

Looks like there’s no end to the endless stream of FAR tools.

I’ve made another one (yes yes yes!) it’s on my BETA test website: http://iffedit.simprograms.com. If it proves to work well, and if you prefer it way over FAR-2, then FAR-2 will be replaced with FARx.

It’s different from the other tools out there (as far as I’ve seen them) in this: my tool shows the folders in a tree window on the left (like explorer) and allows renaming and moving to directories in an easy way. You can add files simply by dragging them to the window.



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Wew it’s been a week, certainly. Swamped with some 12 90-minute tests (Biology, English, Physics, Chemistry, and so on, and so forth) and next to that CCP was being released in the US, while we were busy translating it into German as well.

Now I’ve finished all tests (and I got a 85/100 for Physics), CCP is out, it’s also translated in German, and now I can look for some new things. I’m working again on FARx, which basically comes down to recursive subroutines, string manipulation, tree controls, list controls and a lot of complex stuff. (Whenever something CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong). Next to do on FARx: Add files, Extract files, Rename files, etc. It’s just that I’ve finished the underlying source code (CFarFile, CFarManager).

Well I hope that’s enough to keep you figuring what the next release will be like. Happy surfin’!

P.S. too bad I live in The Netherlands… or else I could have tested TSO 🙂

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TransPatcher 2.0 works!

I’ve had reports that TransPatcher 2.0 is able to patch all objects cloned from Vacation and Unleashed bases!

You can download this utility now. Go to the programs page and click TransPatcher 2.0 for more information.

Greets! Tom.

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Unleashed, blueprint, meshes and other goodies

Hi guys,

Been a few days since we had any word here so I thought I would jolt in and let you know what’s happening. I’m working with Abacus now on the final release. They have to give it a once over, the technical guys have to get used to the program and understand how it works (they provide support for it) and we have to work out the details of the final content of the CD. So all that is wrapping up early next week. They’ll be spending some time getting the CDs burnt and all the packaging done but once we finalize on the program, I’ll put the trial version up on the site here. I’ll also get to the free version and get that put together as soon as I can. Basically I was doing dual development at the start, but it was a bear to deal with so I just concentrated on the Pro version for the last few weeks and will just fold back the bug fixes and such into the free version. It’ll be available sometime later this month (not sure about my schedule right now).

I picked up a copy of Unleashed a few weeks ago so everything is working well with it. No problems so far. When I find some time to breath, I’ll get updates to all the other free software uploaded to handle Unleashed and Sims Deluxe. Also, as pathetic as my timelines are I will NOT be doing tutorials for the old blueprint. All my effort is going into writing the new tutorials, so they’ll be going up on the site as soon as I get the free version completed and uploaded. Thanks for the feedback. Back later!

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