A call for testing

Hi guys. I need a couple of people to test the release of SimExplorer before it goes out. I’m bogged down with a bunch of other things so I need a few good men (and women) to spend some time (shouldn’t take more than an hour or two) to run the new version through it’s paces. Requirements are that you must have the latest expansion pack, Makin’ Magic. If you’ve got it installed and your Sims is running then you’re all set. Please email me if you’re interested. Thanks!

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Where did the week go?

Ack. The last weekend just slipped by on me. We’ve completed testing on the new SimExplorer release (I snagged a few people to do some last minute testing for me) and everybody seems pretty happy. I have a couple of small bugs to fix before I package it for release. This version also hooks into a separate Internet news feed to provide a message of the day type doofer that was setup just for the software releases. There’s an Internet update facility as well but it’s not 100% yet so I’m going to hold back on it until we get the updates working correctly. Should take a couple more weeks for that so the first update will not have this functionality in it. This will handle all expansion packs up to and including Makin’ Magic as well as any of the Deluxe editions you might have. Cheers!

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Holidays are here!

Happy Remembrance Day, although I can’t remember what I was supposed to remember. Anyways, Happy Pumpkin Day for those that missed it too. And happy whatever else you can think of day.

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SimExplorer update

Work is progressing well with the SimExplorer update. This is the first (of all the programs here) that uses a shared set of libraries for accessing Sims files. I don’t have time to put together the development kits for the library so with the release if someone is adventurous they can build one themselves. This will allow 3rd party developers to access Sims files (iff, wll, flr, etc.) and read/write them. The interface is very light in this first release, enough to provide SimExplorer with it’s capabilties so future updates will add more features like writing back to the files and other goodies. I’m also making some major updates to the user interface to make SimExplorer that much more valuable to the community. I’ll post some screenies later in the week as I get closer to the release. I got an email about beta testing and while I appreciate the offer, I’m always scrambling around with the beta testers and spending more time talking about stuff than doing it. So for the SimExplorer release I’m just going to put it out there for the masses to consume. If something slips past my own testing I’ll put together the usual fixes and update it in a timely manner. Seeya!

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Sifting through the rubble

Hi guys. I’m still sifting through all the additions from the latest expansion pack, Makin Magic, and getting the tools updated. I’m going to release a new version of SimExplorer first hopefully next weekend if I can swing the balance this week between Life and The Sims. It seems to be the one people use the most and the most useful (funny how that works) and once that update is done the others should fall into place fairly easily. I have a huge wishlist of things people want with the software so I’m just working out what gets in this week and what will have to wait for a future release, but now that I’m back in the programming groove I should be able to provide more frequent updates to the titles. As for blueprint, I’m still wondering what’s happening with Sims 2 but in the meantime there’s some key things I need to fix in the software right now which will get into a new release once I get SimExplorer and the expansion pack updates out of the way. There’s just so many new goodies in Makin’ Magic that are there (new animations, tons of new NPCs, etc.) I’m still going to leave the family editing features to the other commercial software titles that are out there for that but will toss in a few new SimExplorer only features. Back to the grind!

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You know I get about 200-300 emails a day (most of it spam) but this just was too funny not to share. At least, in the end, it didn’t have any links to penis growth pills or some such silly thing. There needs to be more people like this in the universe:


I’m a time traveler stuck here in 2003. Upon arriving here my dimensional warp generator stopped working. I trusted a company here by the name of LLC Lasers to repair my Generation 3 52 4350A watch unit, and they fled on me. I am going to need a new DWG unit, prefereably the rechargeable AMD wrist watch model with the GRC79 induction motor, four I80200 warp stabilizers, 512GB of SRAM and the menu driven GUI with front panel XID display.

I will take whatever model you have in stock, as long as its received certification for being safe on carbon based life forms.

In terms of payment:

I dont have any Galactic Credits left. Payment can be made in platinum gold or 2003 currency upon safe delivery of unit.

Please transport unit in either a large brown paper bag or box to below coordinates on Monday July 28th at (exactly 3:00pm) Eastern Standard Time on the dot. A few minutes prior will be ok, but it cannot be after. If you miss this timeframe please email me.

Twenty-three inches in from the outside edge of the corner at the South West

Corner of Cummings Ave. & Village Street in Woburn, Mass. is at Latitude

42.4845467 & Longitude -71.1576157 and the ground is 101.3′ above sea level.



Although those coordinates are a secure guarded area, these channels through email are never secure. Unfortunately it is the only form of communication I have right now.

After unit has been sent please email me at: info@federalfundingprogram.com

with payment instructions. Do not reply directly back to this email.

Thank You

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Makin’ Magic

Hi guys. Just got back from my friendly neighborhood Future Shop here in Calgary and picked up the latest expansion pack, Makin’ Magic. Looks pretty slick so I’m going to spend a few hours tonight and tommorow ripping apart and disecting some of the objects to see what makes them tick. I’ll be starting the updates to the programs this weekend to bring them up to speed with the latest EP as well.

I was really impressed with the presentation on the 3rd disc that came with Makin’ Magic. It was a nice overall view of where the Sims is going with Sims 2 and had some nice candid interviews with some of the creators. It was good to see something like this and the two points on Sims 2 that look great are the 3D world (of course) and the geneology that they’ve put in. The 3D experience looks great and so it seems you’ll be able to live in your Sim world from any angle and any construction woes you have now with the limited angles in The Sims are gone.

I’m still not sure where or how any of the tools I have will play in the Sims 2 space, especially as it relates to blueprint and object creation. Maxis hasn’t specifically said what the road is going to look like but I’ve sent out a few flares to a few key people to see if I can get some response. This will help put my down the right path to provide you, the community, with the right tools when the game comes out. We’ll see how that shapes up in the next few months. In the meantime, I’ll be updating the current tools so you guys can work seamlessly with the latest expansion pack. Seeya!

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New York is the place to be

Well, for awhile. Then you need to come home.

Back from a week in the big apple (anyone know why they call it that?) and man it’s a different world over there. Constant people, traffic, shopping, honking and whatever else you can think of. It was a blast but it’s good to be home. Of course now I’m pouring through about 2000 emails that want to tell me about baby Emily, super Viagra deals, and free dog treats. If I missed your email during the mass deletion and haven’t responded, please resend it. It’s hard to tell real email from spam these days and none of the spam tools work (that I’ve found).

I’m taking a couple more days to wind down, have to go out and pick up the latest expansion pack (I’m assuming it’s out by now) and will start the update cycle with the tools here and the last of the site updates.

As usual with the gaming community, I’m getting various rumours about all the Sims 2 stuff. Some say there’s going to be a GMAX gamepak which means that you should be able to create your own custom objects others say that Maxis is only going to support custom skins and meshes. So I’m puzzled on whether or not blueprint needs to fill any niche. If Maxis does go the route of providing a GMAX plugin that exports objects then there’s no need for a program like blueprint. GMAX is an excellent modeling tool and is free. If they only provide customization for skins and meshes though then there might be an opportunity there. We’ll have to wait and see until either the game comes out of Maxis comes out of their shell and gives me an official word.

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