New Years Resolution, ugh…

Happy New Years everyone! A few short hours from now and my corner of the world enters into 2004. Here I am and it’s New Years 2003, looking into another year full of challenges and opportunities.

I’m not big on New Years resolutions. I’m not really akin to the fact that people seem to think that the end of the year means they have to resolve themselves to do something that they probably should have done in the first place. I’m the biggest procrastinator. In the past year (and beyond) I don’t know how many times I’ve started or said something and never followed through. That’s my flaw (one of several). I shoot out of the gates with the best of intentions and all the ambition and excitement of a giddy school girl, only to flame out a few short steps past the start line.

So for this year my resolution is to yank up my undies and complete all those things flailing in the wind right now, and the dozen other ideas I have in my head that are just itching to be released. I’ve been getting better over the past while as I try to get closure on things and I do continue to improve, however it needs some serious work if it’s to go anywhere.

Mainly I have a half dozen projects on the go at that I simply need to get going. They’re in various states of repair and up until tonight, some didn’t even have a website setup (yet the projects were registered back in 2002). Also I have a bunch of blogs going on that I’ll link up here (along with my projects) so this can be your one-stop shopping spot (and mine) on what the hell I’m doing to keep busy.

Look for a new me in the new year, completed tasks and projects, and more great things from what I call a mind.

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Welcome to the desert of the real

At long last I have a domain that is truly my own (well, at least until another Bil Simser comes along and demands to have his place in cyberspace).

The “desert of the real” is a direct quote from eminent French social theorist, Jean Baudrillard. In his opening chapter in Simulation and Simulacra he says that the world today is a place without origin.

Yeah, doesn’t take much to amuse me does it?

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Minor correction and clarification

I was in a mist when I posted the new SimExplorer information. Yes, it does work with Makin’ Magic the latest EP. I had looked up at my collection and the last one on the rack was Superstar but it has been tested with MM so no worries there.

For those that care, the Developer Challenge I put on at work was me locking 3 teams of 5 people each into a room for a day. Their mission was to take an existing app based on legacy technology and rewrite it using .NET. It’s a way to get the company closer to the .NET world and get the developers motivated for success. It was a huge event with testers, co-ordinators, all kinds of people on call in case the teams needed anything. Basically a perfect development environment for writing an app, no red tape and everything you need at your fingertips. The teams knocked out 3 new .NET apps that we’ll be deploying in the new year.

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SimExplorer for Superstar

Hey guys. December has been a nasty month for me. I’m just coming down from some serious overtime (including a developer challenge event I put on that raked in about $10,000 in prizes) but now it’s Christmas time for those that care.

I’m packaging up the new SimExplorer after a fair amount of testing and work on it (thanks to those that did testing and sorry for those that couldn’t get in this time). The new version kicks ass and works with the lastest expansion pack. Watch for it shortly as we’re just packaging it up and putting the trimmings on now. Cheers!

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I’m here and thanks for all the offers

Yup, as a result of whatever the heck happened here the past few weeks I now have several offers of site hosting, all of which I’m considering and reviewing and will get back to you guys. It’s amazing how the community jumps up to help someone. Just realize however that I have hopped from site to site the last few years and some experiences were good, some not so good so understand if I feel a little jaded on any offers anyone has made. I’ve heard all about the how green the grass was on the other side so I have to proceed with a little caution. Anyways, between that and getting back on track I need to get some software updates happening which will be going out. It’s a hard sell. Some people say sit back and relax and others are “Where’s the beef!”. Anyways, I continue to pound away to deliver something to you shortly. Back tommorow with an update as I head off into what we call our “day jobs”. Thanks!

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Back and running

Hi guys,

Just a quick note. The server is back up and running after having a problem with excessive bandwidth. As Bill Gates figured 640k would be enough for everyone I figured 10 GB per month would be enough here. Apparently not. I’m going to bump up the bandwidth limit here as people are just gobbling it up fairly quickly but please ease up on the downloads if you can until I get things set. Not really the Christmas present I was looking for but I want to keep the site running. Back later with news and updates. Cheers!

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