Blogging all over the place

Man, life can be complicated at times. If I were a simple man (and I’m not that simple) I would have one passion and follow it to the end. Whatever that passion would be you could focus on it and execute it to it’s fullest potential. I am not a simple man and thus I have to complicate an already complicated world I live in.

I’ve finished setting up and now diversifying my blogs. Thanks to Scott Watermasysk, .Text (an Open Source .NET blogging system), and I have a new blog site called Fear and Loathing that you can find here.

The Fear and Loathing blog is focused on .NET development, SharePoint, and whatever other Microsquishy stuff comes up. My personal blog here is for the rest of the stuff that filters through and basically an aggregator of my other sites (SimsTools, CDX, etc.) that are newsworthy. Nothing like building my own little web of information, even if I am the author of all of it.

Speaking of aggregation, I stumbled across a really nice and well done RSS news desktop feed aggregator called RSS Bandit. It’s very slick and works great. I’ve spent the time going through a dozen or so blogs that I have bookmarked and put the feeds into Bandit. Makes for a great tool and even lets you post comments to blogs from the tool (assuming the blog supports the wfw:commentRss tag. I highly recommend it if you’re into spending an hour or so reading peoples blogs rather than a newspaper.