Nothing like a good ripping

So I tried out the new BodyShop. Interesting tool, but not sure of the purpose. I mean, you can create new Sims for The Sims 2 and build some parts for it but without the game I’m struggling to see the value here? Guess they’re taking the same approach they did with V1 where people built all kinds of floors and wallpapers prior to the game and they figure everyone will be building all kinds of Sims.

Anyways, feels like it did when I started writing tools for The Sims. Lots of new file formats to poke into and see what was there. One thing that is apparently missing from the tool is the ability to export a preview image of your Sim. So the tool isn’t very useful for webmasters that want to get nice unique characters up on their sites or for people to generate previews for downloading Sims characters. Have to look into what that’s all about and see if anything can be done.

Overall I think people are finding the tool pretty positive, although there seems to be a few reports of having problems running it. I think this is just the tip of the iceburg. Knowing the Sims community like I do, most people are running the bare minimum to run the game because they’re not die-hard Quake III players with the latest $500 video card. So while there will be a few people with problems running this tool, they’ll be more when the game comes out. We’ll see…