I really hate Windows. I’ve been chugging along with my 98 box to handle my mail and HTML for quite some time now. Never had a problem. Until today. After seeing the dreaded blue screen of death, I rebooted into safe mode (didn’t have much choice). I was about to partition the machine up to use Linux. Something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Windows actually shut my machine down on boot. Turned the bloody thing right off! Never seen that before. Then of course the wonderful ’emergency disk’ came out (hey, I deem an OS controlling electrical appliances an emergency) which showed me the true nature of my hard drive, describing it ways I’ve never seen before.

So that’s it for Mr. Gates and his evil machevellian (sp) software. I’m
now back up and running Linux quite nicely. So I’ve lost a few things in the transition (deep breath). I’ve basicallly lost my mail from the past couple of years so any knowledge you think I should have, isn’t there. My large collection of ‘todos’ for the various projects I’m working on are gone the way of the dodo. My phone numbers of people that enjoy talking to me is gone. ICQ is gone. etc, etc. I’ve also lost all my HTML pages from the half-dozen or so sites I maintain so updates on those is going to take a bit to get back and running.

On the happier side I did NOT loose my source code to any projects
(luckily I keep that on a laptop and backed up on CD-ROM) nor did I
loose the contents of my book, only a few chapters that are fresh in my head.

Sorry to ramble on but in case you think I’m having a bad day, I also
lost my mail file at work from the evil Lotus Notes demons. I tell ya,
Lucifer himself is behind all this and wants me to start fresh.