Updated the daily snapshot file from CVS. This is the bleeding edge version of new changes directly from the CVS repository. It’s updated every morning at 6:00MST. You will have to rebuild the library files if you download this as they will be out of date from the sources. We’ll be removing the library files from CVS shortly since they’re never in sync with the source. Also updated the license page to reflect the new license we’re following (the Artistic License). It’s basically the same license as before, but official now. We had to adopt a standard license when we moved some of the services to SourceForge. The GNU General Public License we no good since you had to distribute all the source with your application. The LGPL license was basically the same so we chose the Artistic License. It does not require you to distribute the source code to CDX or your app/game with your app/game, but provide information on where to get it. Let me know if you have any questions about licensing. Free software or not, we have to follow a few rules.