First I want to talk about CDX and the new license we’re embracing. Recently in New York they held the first ever Open Source conference. While Open Source in most peoples mind means Linux, it’s funny to see that for 2 solid weeks CDX, a Windows only product, is in the top 10 ranking out of over 500 Open Source projects. Open Source is for everyone and we all know the benefits. We will continue to provide that kind of service with CDX in providing you with the best possible development tools for writing Windows games.

Recently we’ve begun the move to make CDX a more robust and organized project. We’ll be releasing the ‘official’ 2.4 this week on the website and starting down the course to 3.0 available for early next year to coincide with the release of the new CDX book. This calls for some changes in the architecture, a rewrite of some portions of the library and unfortunately breaking some current apps. While we on the CDX team are going to try our best to maintain backward compatibility, in some cases this will be impossible to follow while moving forward with the library. So some compromises must be made.

Our development efforts will, as always, be available on a regular basis from CVS and the site so you’ll never be in the dark. Some things just might not work from one day to the next. This is why it will be vital for us to keep on top of the bugs via the bug tracker at SourceForge and for you to report anything not listed.

I thank you for your patience and we’re hoping the new year will bring some great new adventures with CDX.