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Day: January 4, 2000

I’ve been getting a few emails lately about people wondering how they can use CDX for non-C++ platforms. You can do this two ways:

You can download a DLL version of the library. With proper interface headers you could use this with any compiler that supports DLL files. Someone (can’t
remember their name, sorry) is working on Delphi headers for this.

Petrus Abri Santoso has an ActiveX control for CDX that can be used with Visual Basic, Delphi 4 and higher and any other platform that can use
ActiveX controls. His site is here.

Just a quick update. Michael Rich sent me version 2.4.0 of the library compiled for the Alpha machine last week. They’re up on the main site now. Sorry about the delay. Next week chapters from the book will be posted on the website along with some new samples.