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Month: August 2000 (Page 1 of 2)

Updated the FAQ page to bring it more up to speed wtih CDX 3.0. I removed the references to the internal member variables and instead used the new Accessor functions (GetDC, GetDD). There was also a question on how to access the CDX CVS, so I revised the information to include the paths to the SourceForge CVS. I reworked the m_DC question since it was all about the internal variable, so I made it more of a generic “How do I call GDI …” question with a short example.

Added Mark Kruse to the Maintainers page.

I haven’t said much about the CDX book up until now so here’s an update. The book has been delayed due to technical reasons and the fact that we’re upgrading it to the latest CVS version. Once the final CD gets delivered, it will contain the absolute latest version of the library. We’re also getting it to work with C++ Builder 5 with the help of Charlie Calvert (who’s also doing the tech check on the book). The book does contain a full working real-time strategy engine and game (fantasy based) but also contains 20 working arcade style games ranging from overhead shooters to side scrolling platform games. Complete source of course is provided so you can jump right into making your own games very easily. The arcade game source code will be made available on the website once it’s been updated with the lastest version. Other than that, things are progressing well and we’ll get it out to you as soon as possible.

Added CVS snapshots to the Latest Release page. There is one large file with everything in it, and then several other smaller ones that have specific sections included only to make the downloads smaller if you don’t want all the other stuff.

Modified the Previous Release page and added the prior 2.4 release to the list of downloads. Those still interested in the older release can now download the source and libraries.

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