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Day: October 3, 2000

Okay. I’m pretty happy with the poll utility and the results so far. It tells me you guys have a voice and I can get a good hundred or so responses in a night so feedback is quick and easy to monitor. This will be useful for the future as things shape up and you have the opportunity to tell me what you want (or don’t want). So I’ve made the poll thing part of the main page and a permanent fixture. I’ll update it weekly or so with new polls (what file format you want to see in bp, what features you want, boxers or briefs, that sort of thing). In the meantime, it’ll looking like you want both an online forum and a mailing list. Fair enough. Never can have enough information these days. I’ll start look into these things and I’ll have them online within the week. Until then…

I’ve created a poll to get your feedback. I would like to know what you prefer in the way of communications when it comes to blueprint. Would you prefer a mailing list (delivered to your email), an online forum, both, neither, all of the above, the first two but not the last two, what? You decide. Majority rules. If this goes well I’ll setup a permanant poll for blueprint so you can decide what happens with it (based on my question of course, you can only code so far by committee). Please take the poll on the right to submit your vote. No strings attached, no money to made by me (but I’m sure you’ll have your own ideas about that) and no concealed lizards of any kind. (you might have to refresh the page or click on the results button a couple of times as it’s a free server and they’re not always responding).

I know, this is absolutely retarded but there are still people out there that don’t believe I’m me. Go figure. This is about as close as I can prove I’m really a human being and not some cleverly crafted Maxis macro. If you’re still in doubt after this, you need to seek professional help. Then again, maybe I need some therapy for posting this.