Sheesh. I just can’t seem to keep up to your responses, but this is a good thing. Thanks again for the great responses. I’m finding the polls are giving me feedback faster and easier to sort through much better than gobs of email. Like I said. A good thing.

So here’s a rundown (in order of popularity) on the file formats that will be in blueprint based on what you wanted:

  • 3D Studio MAX (3DS)
  • Alias Wavefront (OBJ)
  • Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML)
  • Lightwave (LWO)
  • Anim8or (.an8)
  • Truespace (COB)
  • AutoCAD (DXF)

This isn’t entirely accurate since the poll doesn’t tell me how many people voted on the individual “Other” topics so I made a best guess. Of course, the more humorous entries were interesting. I do recall asking what 3D file formats you wanted to see supported. Last time I checked, MP3 is not a 3D format, it’s a music format. Also, IFF files (The Sims) do not contain any 3D information other than position of the sprite in the image. This cannot be translated to 3D, sorry. As well, someone suggested the old .cgs files. Unfortunately, with loosing the old code I also lost the file format information and I really don’t want to try to reverse engineer my own format. Also, the .cgs files relied on the blueprint primitives so in the file it may contain a 1 for cube, 2 for sphere, that sort of thing. That’s not a 3D format and I would have to rebuild all the primitives to support these. So, for now, bringing back old .cgs files is all but impossible. It would delay the project too long Sorry about that.

Seeing that everyone is pretty keen on the poll thing (or maybe you’re not but you like being polite) we’ll keep going with our “as fast as I can come up with ideas” polls. Today’s poll is “How much would you pay for a program like blueprint?”. Now before you go running off into the night screaming “He’s gone mad. He suckered us in and now wants us to pay for this crap!”. Don’t worry. I have always said and will always stand by, blueprint will be free. Forever and always. Til death do us part. I’m just curious what kind of response this might get. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I sold those long ago at a flea market.