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Day: October 10, 2000

Hi guys. Like I said, the unvieling of a new utility. This was based on the suggestion of a few people and it was a nice little thing that you might find useful. I call it Simplorer (silly I know, if you have a better suggestion please make it now). It’s a simple utility that will allow you to browse IFF (Objects), WLR (Walls), FLR (Floors) and SPF (Bitmap) files from The Sims, giving you a preview of the object/wall/floor/bitmap. You can also move things around, delete files and generally maintain your add-on files. A couple of things to clean up and I’ll be releasing it this weekend. Enjoy.

P.S. For the people that have been asking for a pic of me (god knows why) it’s on the contact page here.

Just a quickie before I dash off to parts unknown for a bit. I may be opening up a developers section on this site to help out budding Sim tool authors. I’m just going through the red tape to see what I can or cannot publish. Hopefully this will make life easier for some of you out there and perhaps spurn a few of you onto building the next killer Sims app. I’ll let you know how that goes. I also have a special surprise for tonight so drop by in about 12 hours or so to see what’s going on (no, it’s not blueprint so get that image out of your head). A new utility that might be useful to some people. Cheers!