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Day: October 20, 2000

Hey guys. Thanks for the chat. It was wonderful and it was great to see some familiar (and not so familiar faces). Things went so well that I’ll have another one in the near future. I’ll give everyone a few days advance notice though and try to time it so our friends in Germany are not left out.

The big news released during the chat (as some of you might know from The Sims Resource site) is the addition of a new program to the growing collection here. It’s called The Sims Scene Builder and will allow you to import Sim characters into a scene you design, pose them, add props and lighting, move the virtual camera around to any angle or any zoom and take pictures. I know what some of you are groaning about. Stop making these stupid utilities and finish blueprint! Work on blueprint continues and will be delivered. This is just another fun program that I do when I’m not working on blueprint (after all, I can’t start at blue code all night long). What’s the point of the program? Mainly it’s bee a tool for you webmasters to get rid of those stuffy, statuesque Sims on your sites and be able to create some pretty interesting images. You’ll also be able to step through any animation available in The Sims so if you let your imagination go wild the possibilities are pretty much endless. Sure, this doesn’t enhance the game directly but I think it should be fun. It should be out in a few weeks (give or take, I’m never really good with dates) and I’ll have some screenshots up shortly with more info.

I’m hosting an impromptu chat on IRC from now until, well, a few hours from now. If you’re interested in dropping by and picking my brain or just chatting about blueprint and Sims stuff drop by. It’s on Dalnet in the #blueprint channel.

Problems downloading the Simplorer zip file? Some people have reported problems downloading Simplorer with Windows 98. I’m running 98 and it seems to be ok for me. I’m not sure what to say since a lot of people (a few hundred a day) are getting it. The only suggestion I can think of is either a) empty out your browser cache before you start the download or b) try getting it from another site. I think The Sims Resource has their own copy. Sorry I can’t be of more help.