A lot of concerns keep coming up with the object exchange idea. One thing that is prevelant is that sites like SimFreaks, Seven Deadly Sims and other places that have custom objects would not be made obsolete with an object exchange place. The idea behind the object exchange is simple. Suppose you go out and buy The Sims and decide it would be cool to make a new object or two. So after a few days/weeks/months your creation is ready to unveil to the world. Trouble is you’re not sure where to put it? You certainly don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up a website for your one or two objects and posting to newsgroups is out. So how do you get your object out to the world? Sure, there are a few sites that do host peoples objects. This would just be another source. The idea is that you would be able to upload your creation straight from a piece of software like blueprint, even upload works in progress as your creation evolves. So it’s not meant to take away from the custom object places or the other sites that do host objects, just a way to supplement them. That’s all!