Juggle, juggle, juggle. It seems some people have expressed concern over the progress of blueprint since the recent announcement of SSB, the release of Simplorer and a few other things. Rest assured as much time as possible is being devoted to blueprint itself. I thought I would explain a few things here that might help you understand the way my brain works (well, as best as possible since I can’t keep up with myself sometimes). Obviously not 100% of my time is spent on blueprint. Besides RealLife 1.0 that takes up most of day, I still have to squeeze re-writing a book before January, keeping the library that accompanies that book up to date and maintained, manage a few other projects (non-Sims) that I’m committed to, read and answer 400-800 emails a day, keep on top of the new trends, scan a half-dozen newsgroups a hunt down some dinner once in awhile. Then I get to Sim programming. Hey, I’m not complaining and I like the fast paced life that has poured in around me. How does this relate to the fact that you’re seeing progress (and release) of products other than blueprint? Well, blueprint is a complex beast. Converting a 3D file to a valid, working object isn’t a walk in the park. As well, I want to provide a facility to preview a Sim in blueprint so you can get the size of objects correct (after all, you don’t want your Sim to be walking through tables right?). Ahhh. The light bulb comes on. So building SSB is not just a cute program. It gets me the knowledge needed to import Sims and display them correctly for blueprint. One program feeds another. As well, I can only focus on one project for so long and after an hour or two I just get frustrated with certain things in blueprint and move onto something else. Perhaps this isn’t the way you work but that’s what I do. So if some of you think I come home from work, sit down at the keyboard and pound away on blueprint and nothing but until the wee hours, you’re mistaken. There’s much more to it behind the scenes. Hope that sheds some light on things.

Of course if Transmogrifier pops in 3D support or Maxis comes out with another tool, this is all moot 🙂