Hey kids. Well, work progresses on all fronts. Thought I’d give you a fairly neat looking sneak preview of The Sims Scene builder program. I haven’t got Sim characters importing right now but this is the program as it is right now. The scene here uses a couple of models I had lying around from Half-Life (a scientist and a zombie with a desert backdrop). Basically gives you the idea that you can move the camera around anywhere you want and do some cool angles. With The Sim characters they’ll be an import wizard that steps you through picking the character you want to import. This is necessary because The Sims uses multiple CMX, SKN, CFP, and BMP files to make up a Sim so it’s not just a matter of loading one file. I should have the Wizard done in a few days and have some shots of Sims bouncing around a scene. Seeya then! (note: the image is full size [1024×768] but I thought it did it justice. My apologies to the 28.8k modem users out there). Also for the sharp eyed people, this program is based on one called Quake Scene Builder that is no longer being worked on. The original author gave me permission to use the idea for The Sims.