Time for a new poll. There was a suggestion on the message boards about a Napster like program to exchange objects with other users. For those that don’t know Napster, it’s an application that allows you to trade MP3 files with others using a direct connection between your machine and the other user (though a server is used to get the information to you about who’s got what). The idea of a Napster like program for The Sims is interesting. Being Sim based, it would know all the objects/walls/floors/skins you have to offer by scanning your Sims directory and making that available for anyone to download. If say you were looking for a floor with a gothic theme you could do a search through everyone’s collection for such a beast. Of course you would have to be running the application to allow others to benefit but it means there would immediately be hundreds of users who could swap objects online at any given moment. The alternate is to create a web-based exchange very much like the one on the Maxis site for houses and families but this would be for objects (and possibly walls and floors). The advantage to the web based one is that you could have a preview of the object right there (although this could be done with a program where it fetches the image preview on the fly but that could be expensive as far as bandwidth goes). So what do you think? Web based or application based? You decide. Voting to the right starts now.