Hi guys. In light of the new news that I’ll be putting together file format documentation on The Sims, I’ve also opened up a new mailing list (oh gads, not another one!) for developers and those interested. This list is for detailed technical discussion of The Sims files and how things work. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything by not joining it. The documenation will still be posted here. The list is just if you want to pick my brain and talk techie talk about The Sims. I’ll still be publishing the information on the site and nothing will be posted on the list before it gets published here but this just gives you the opportunity to get more jiggy with it. Note, this list is NOT for any technical support on The Sims, Simplorer, blueprint or anything else that’s in my head. Also, if you have no idea how to program but are interested in the discussions please refrain from asking basic programming questions over and over again. I’m sure they’ll be people that will want to ask (probably on a daily basis) “How do I program for The Sims”. Thanks. You can subscribe to the list by clicking on the link below:

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