Okay, the aftermath of the weekend release is over and things seem to have calmed down. Jerome confirmed that the MFC patch that’s on the download page will fix you up if you’re running an older version of Windows (you shouldn’t have any problems under Windows ME or Windows 2000). I’ve also updated the version you can download to the 1.0.1 so if you’re downloading for the first time you won’t need the patch. The patch is just for those that already downloaded the first version. Clear as mud?

The response to Simplorer has been great and there’s some neat stuff planned for future releases. Keep the suggestions coming and watch for some new blueprint development over the next week.

Lots of great stuff going on now. Mike Rieckhoff over at SimsMania has created a German version of my Developer Diaries so you can catch up on that here for the English impaired. Diary of a Sim has a short interview with me that you can view directly here. I’m sure I also gave out two other interviews but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I can remember where. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll show up someday.