Thanks to Jerome at Simfreaks I figured out what the problem is with some people having problems running Simplorer. If you’re getting this message:

Then read on…

If you’re running Windows 95 or an earlier version of 98 you might have this problem, otherwise please continue with your morning ritual. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom seems to like updating my system whenever I install some software update from them. Of course they neglect to tell me this and I go happily trodding along with everything working fine. Then it comes time to release software and of course my system isn’t like any elses. One of the key files that Simplorer uses is one called MFC42.DLL, which is version 4.2 of the Microsoft Foundation Classes. Everyone has this file, it’s a necessary evil for running any program written using the libraries (which is 99.99% of the programs on the planet including all Microsoft software). However, MS keeps updating this file. If you go hunting for this file, located in your Windows system directory and right-click on it (you might have to click on the “Show Files” option if you can’t see any files listed), you’ll see the version information for a file. Below is a screenshot of someone who has the version problem (i.e. Simplorer won’t start) and next is my version of the same file. Same name, different version.

This is what’s causing problems. So you can download my MFC fix here to replace your file with a newer one. Here’s the catch. It’s a system file and you’ll have to reboot your computer. If you keep your operating system up to date, you’ll probably never see this problem. If you do have this problem, try the patch and email me if it works for you. I didn’t want to have to include a whack of system files in the install because it means every download of my software is increased and for those of you on modem connections, this sucks. Sorry about this.

P.S. After zipping up the setup program the MFC fix file comes to an even 666 kb. How’s that for evil?