A few more notes on Simplorer before I hit the sack for some much needed rest. A few people have reported it doesn’t work. Lots of info there. Of course it took a few emails to find out they are running the [insert your favorite country here] version. Since I don’t have every version of The Sims, I can’t guarentee that it will work with whatever language version you have. I know the German version doesn’t have FAR files so there are differences between versions. Perhaps the international versions don’t use the same Registry key to tell where The Sims is installed (which is how Simplorer finds the root directory). I don’t know anything about these versions so, unfortunately I cannot say anything I write will work or not with them. If you can tell me details on your Sims setup I might be able to help, but messages like “it doesnt work!” don’t help anyone. Otherwise things should be pretty easy and they have been for most people and there seems to be few problems with the software (or at least the hate messages haven’t started to pour in yet). G’night!