Well, after a few dozen hours of debugging, orange tic-tacs, cheesies and a few slurpies, Simplorer is available here. Simplorer lets you view IFF, SPR, WLR and FLR files outside of The Sims. You can preview the images and perform file maintenance on the files by deleting them. As this is a .0 version, there might be some shortcomings. No drag and drop right now but I’ll add that so you can move files around. I didn’t see a tremendous need for it as The Sims keeps all walls and floors in one directory.

A few outstanding issues with this initial release:

  • Some IFF files do not display their descriptions (mainly multi-tile objects)
  • Multi-tile objects draw the various sprites separately, not combined like in Tmog (not yet anyways)
  • You cannot run this program while The Sims is running. The Sims locks its files and there’s no way around this, sorry.
  • This will only browse files in The Sims directory and below, it’s not for hunting for files on your drive so copy everything into the appropriate Sims directory first
  • You cannot edit values with this program, that’s not what it’s meant for!

Offhand that’s about it but I might have missed something. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please see the contact page for information on the mailing lists and email support. Please forward any bug reports to me directly and not to the list. Alternately, you can post something on the message board here. Enjoy and I hope this helps viewing and organizing your Sims collection. Watch for more updates soon!