Just wanted to clarify a few things about the new utility. First off, I think I’ll change the name to InsideSims but still not sure. Email me any suggestions you have. I know, a name is such a silly thing to get your panties in a knot. Don’t worry, it’ll be released, name or no name. The program will allow you to browse Sim files. This means floors, walls, objects and sprites. I might add bitmaps and such but there are plenty of other programs out there. The main point is that you can browse your custom Sim floors and walls with it as they appear in the game, not in bitmap form. There was some confusion over this as another utility lets your browse floors and walls but only if they’re in bitmap or jpg form (maybe I’m wrong on that and I apologize to the author if I am). I’ll see about putting together another screenshot later tonight showing the floor and wall browser so you get a better idea. It also browses IFF files and displays the bitmaps from them. It does not get into details about which drawgroups get displayed or whatever. I just picks a standard one and draws the object in a more or less complete form. If you really want to see all the fiddly bits of an object, get The Sims Transmogrifer and you can poke and prod the objects all you want. Also, InsideSims does not let you edit the object values. Again, get Tmog for that. This is really just someone useful to organize all your walls, floors and objects. Some enhancements I might make (if anyone finds it useful) is to create HTML pages of your collections and various other things. As always, if you think something is missing from the program that you’d like to see, suggest it and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers!