Sigh. The insanity continues. Jeff at the Sims Object Hut posted this little tidbit of info:

“Bil Simser e-mailed me, I asked him if he wants to work on a program to let you control your visitors and he might. So that would speed it up a lot.”

No. I did not say I would work on some visitor program (I have no idea what he’s talking about). What I did say is here (quoted from my own email):

“I don’t agree with the methods you use to get your software out to everyone though. If you would be so kind and send me a copy of your software I would appreciate it.

I’m interested in seeing other work out there and may be able to help. I will not however sign up for 15 xdrive accounts to get it.”

That’s it. No mention of what I would do or any visitor program. I still haven’t received anything from him (he can’t send attachments over 50k through hotmail and doesn’t seem to have any other means) so I’m still waiting to see this program. Hell, I’d be happy to even see a screenshot.

I’m always willing to help out any 3rd party authors out there. I am bound by an NDA so I can’t go tossing out code to everyone, but I can help out in some areas with advice or guidance. In fact I encourage it and really like seeing new tools pop-up. I just get peeved when someone attaches my name to something that I didn’t say or do. I really shouldn’t have turned on the computer this morning…