In addition to the online forums here, as requested, is the blueprint mailing list hosted by eGroups. I host all of my projects’ mailing lists with eGroups and they’re a pretty good service (shameless plug). Just click below to subscribe to the list. I’ll be setting up more permanent information on the mailing list later this weekend.

On a side note, you might notice that the blueprint mailing list is called blue_print. I’m actually the owner of the “blueprint” mailing list when I started it last year. It was disbanded after several people abused it. Unfortunately eGroups doesn’t let you create another one with the same name (even though I deleted the first) so I had to use this name. Silly huh? It’s the little things in life that irk me. BTW, while I won’t delete the mailing list this time around (or at least try not to) please don’t abuse the list. It’s there for your information and enjoyment, not to be bashed, screwed, morfed or otherwise abused.

Click to subscribe to blue_print