Just a reminder. I am never going to charge for blueprint. Just remember that simple fact. It seems there are quite a few people that are considering the poll about how much you would pay for blueprint to a be a vote of some kind. It’s not. I’m just being the nosey programmer that I am to see how many of you out there would pay for it, given the choice. That’s all. No secret committee that’s putting a CD together to appear in game stores near you.

Another thing is the lack of reading people seem to do when they get to a webpage. This I thought was a pre-requisite for surfing. Go to the downloads page and somewhere near the bottom it has a section for blueprint. It also says that blueprint is not yet available. I’m not sure how many languages I need to say that in, but I’m getting wads of mail with questions like “I went to your downloads page and it says blueprint’s not available. Where can I download it?”. “Oh, you must mean ‘Where is the secret blueprint website where I can actually download it?’ not this fake one I put up to gain popularity” should be my response. Do you see the insanity building?