Hi guys. Many thanks to Kinsey for offering me a position in The Sims Artisian Guild. I’m not really a Sim artist IMO, but she wanted me to join, so I did. The group is one that was setup to protect artists and designers so head over and read up on it if that’s your schtick. That’s two buttons on this page now that belong to her (the other is The Sims Community News). At this rate if she keeps creating Simcieties, my page is going to start looking like an ad for her sites. Hmmm, I think we need to talke about financial compensation Kins!

The poll for the alpha release is quite close. I thought there would be a landslide of people that want a preview version over waiting for a full version, but it’s pretty split. In any case, if you read the diary entry from yesterday (you did read it didn’t you??) I’m pretty much sold on releasing an alpha preview in the next couple of weeks. The poll is just to see how many of you prefer one over the other. Very curious. Also I didn’t mention in the diary entry about a Simplorer update, but one is on the way with previews for bitmaps and skins and meshes oh my.