Okay, like I said yesterday, the poll for choosing a non-exporting alpha version of blueprint to be released over waiting for the full version is close. Very close. In any case, I don’t code to committees (sorry to burst your bubble on that) and I will be releasing an alpha version of blueprint in the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get it ready for next weekend, but not sure of the timelines. Still some work to do to get it in a state where it’s usable by people so we’ll see how that goes and I’ll keep you posted. The alpha release is just that, alpha. There will be no exporting to The Sims in this release so it’s similar to the beta 2 version that was released prior to my system crash but without 3D modelling features. You’ll be able to import 3D files, set things up, edit the properties, specify the base object and it’s attributes and save your work for later retrieval. That’s what’s taking the next week. I have to lock down the file format so that what you save in this version will be able to be retrieved in the next and allow you to take that and export it to an IFF file. Originally I had not planned to save anything and you would just import, edit and export. With the split in releases I’m adding a saving/loading feature. This might be useful as well since you’ll be able to trade your objects with others in the interim before the exporter is complete. Some nice new features in the works and I’ll have some screenshots up this weekend to show off the purty new looks.

One thing I wanted to mention. I seem to be getting a lot of slack from not supporting the previous (pre-crash) version of blueprint that’s out there and people are slamming me for not even having it on this site for download. Please understand that everything except the hardware was lost in my crash. This included the source for the first version and thus the file layouts. So importing these files is not going to be possible unless I spend time trying to piece together the format from memory and some file hacking. I’m not about to do this since the new blueprint is NOT a 3D modelling package and won’t be in the near future. So even getting the file format back isn’t going to help because there were a lot of primitives that were saved and I’m just not going to be coding those features right now. Sorry about that but these are the breaks when disaster strikes.