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Day: November 4, 2000

From the “I’m too lazy to do things myself” department comes a request. If anyone has time to put together a blueprint icon I would really appreciate it. I personally loathe painting in a 32×32 area and things I draw look like mud. So consider this a mini-contest. The prize? The recognition of having your work in blueprint, if that means anything to you. The icon needs to be 32×32 and in 16 colours (but you can submit a 256 colour one and I’ll see about working it in). It can be anything you want but should be something that can be recognizable and unique to bluperint. In other words, a nude pic of your cat or something just doesn’t cut it. I’ll post the entries in a weeks time. Thanks!

Okay, later that same evening… I’ve uploaded the blueprint SDK files to the site here and created a new Developers section which includes the SDK files, instructions for building a plug-in for blueprint and the FAR file specs. More to come!

I’ve released a copy of a sample plugin to use as a skeleton in writing import plugins for blueprint to the blue_tech mailing list. I’ve also uploaded a copy of the files to the groups file area so you can retrieve it anytime. These files will show you how to write an import plugin for blueprint so anyone can write one to support whatever format you want. I would really like to see people writing plugins for all the strange 3D formats out there as I just don’t have time to create them all. I would also like if someone took the sample and ported it to other languages like Delphi or Visual Basic (can Visual Basic create DLLs?). You’ll be able to test your plugins with the forthcoming alpha release of blueprint but in the meantime, send the DLL along to me and I’ll test it out here at blue central. The format is very simple but if you have any questions just ask. Also, I’ll be setting up a couple of new areas here for developers on the website for file format documents (I’ll be releasing the FAR files specs this weekend and the CMX/SKN/CFP files next weekend). The area will also have details about writing import plugins for blueprint and allow you to download the various plugins available. Please note, these plugins are ONLY for importing 3D formats into blueprint and will not allow you to do anything else. The plugin architecture may be enhanced to support new features but for now it’s just to get files into blueprint. Also note that plugins written for blueprint are released under the GNU General Public License and must comply with this, meaning you must provide the source code with your plugin. This does NOT mean that blueprint is being relased under the GPL, just the plugins. Enjoy!