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Day: November 7, 2000

Later that morning…

I’m finding its hard to keep up with 2 mailing lists, the online forum and my ICQ list for dumping information out to everyone. Since the new forum supports catagories (it does, really, you should check it out) and other fun stuff, I would rather have the one source of information and feedback. However some people prefer the comfort of email filling up their mailboxes. So I’ve updated the poll to see what the consensus is. If there’s a majority out there that wants the mailing lists to stay, then so be it but the forums cover everything (and more) than the lists do. Your choice. Let me know.

Oh yeah. Just wanted to let developers know that I’m modifying the SimpleMesh structure for the SDK over the next couple of days to support grouping. I guess I didn’t think I needed it but some 3D formats support it and it would be a waste not to support it. So the mesh structure stays the same, it’ll just be embedded in n number of groups when you read the file. If the format you’re writing an importer for doesn’t support grouping (or there are not groups present in the file) just create a default one and add the 3D info to that. I’ll be posting a tutorial and the complete code for loading a couple of formats in the next few days to show you how to do this if you’re still unclear. Thanks.

Hi guys. I’ve changed over the links to the forum to a new one hosted by ezBoard. This allows for a lot more customization, security and new catagories! So get posting if that’s your thing and I’ll see you there.