Okay, thanks to some submissions from people I think I have an updated 3DStudio.dll importer that works with most (if not all) 3DS files. I’ve tested it with a few dozen I had here and a few more I pulled off the net (as well as the ones people sent in that were not working with the release included with blueprint). So this should fix the problem. If you’re still having problems (crashing) then send me the 3DS file and I’ll take a look but it seems to be fixed now. Note, depending on the source of the 3DS file, the scale may be way off. This I’m not sure of since I can’t predict the scale used to create the original mesh so I’m trying to figure out a way to scale any mesh independant of it’s origin to the right size. If you import your mesh and you don’t see anything on the screen, it could be too large or too small. If it’s too large, then clicking in the viewport will activate the Move/Rotate/Scale buttons meaning you just selected the mesh. Scale it down to a workable size. If it’s too small, zoom in as much as possible with the zoom button and see if you can spot it (I know, it’s like Where’s Waldo). In the next release I’ll see how I can resize the meshes down to something that’s always relatively the same size. You can get the updated 3DStudio.dll file on the blueprint downloads page or directly here. Just unzip and put it in your Plugins directory, replacing the one that’s there. Enjoy.