Grumble grumble. Oh well. I had to finally resolve my defeat with getting Simplorer to work the “easy” way so I recreated the project and merged all the code back into a new, clean one. Microsoft was just as confused as most Florida voters and wouldn’t give up the idea of having the Simplorer project named a certain way and exist in a certain directory (which included a valiant battle worthy of Russell Crowe’s blade against the mighty version control system). Alas, I gave up on the field of battle and rebuilt the project. Don’t mind me, I’ve been staring at the tiny pixels I call my screen for hours trying to make sense of it. The short of it, a new release shortly.

Also on the good news front, a German magazine (can’t remember the name now) is picking up my software and featuring it on their cover CD for their big December issue. I’m frantically getting a new release of blueprint out to fix a few things and provide a more stable release to meet the magazine deadline so watch for that release shortly.

And on the humour front, it seems the guys over at The Sim have it in for me. Their latest poll put me in next to last place about who the real editor was of the site. At least I finished neck and neck with Will Wright, and after all, he and I are the same person so it’s only natural we finish with the same number of votes. The winner was Steve ‘chuffed’ Bonham who took it by a landslide. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure he’s not the real editor of The Sim, he can’t even spell it (oh I’m going to get some ICQs over that!)