Sigh. The screaming has already begun.

With the latest release of Simplorer (and future releases of other software), I’ve added checking to make sure a valid copy of The Sims is installed. When I say valid, I mean a retail copy installed from the CD. You know what I mean. Simplorer will refuse to run if you don’t have the game installed. Anyways, the purpose of my utilties is to enhance the game so without the game installed what’s the point? If you have a valid install of the game, you’ll never see any warning messages and never have a problem. If however you have a non-retail version of the game installed, or not installed at all, you’ll have some problems. This has always been in the software (looking for The Sims directory) but has been stepped up to included validation of the game files. Some people argue they want to build websites and use Simplorer to take screenshots of objects or whatever to do so. Perhaps a valid point but I’m not convinced enough to remove the checking. So I open the discussion to you. What valid points would you have to use the software from here on a system without the game installed? Hop on over to the forums here and voice your opinion for or against this. I’ll let you know how things turn out.