It just keeps getting more interesting each day. Okay, something I have to take back. A while ago I said that importing 3D meshes wouldn’t import the cameras or lights because blueprint sets those up for you. While this is true, it’s not entirely accurate (as in Area 51 accurate). I’ve found that a default light setup just doesn’t work for all objects. I was duped into thinking Maxis used a default setup, but upon dissecting more files, I found that in some (most?) cases, there are dozens of lights that the artists have manually put in and they’re different for each object. Duh. Okay, so call me stupid. This of course nessecitated in adding some new functionality to bp so now it allows you to create what you want as far as lights go (8 max, sorry, that’s the limit of the graphics engine and you should be able to pull off some great stuff with 8 lights). You can create omni lights (lights that give off light in no particular direction and go off into infinity) and spotlights (where you can postion the spot, rotate it, etc.). This again may be too much for some users, but hey, it’s there. Go nuts. So more changes and more updates to the program and the importers. If you file format doesn’t support lighting then the default lights will be used and it’ll be up to you to add whatever lights you find necessary.

There have been a few concerns about blueprint in general and what it does in the sense that the output looks like garbage. Well this is partically true with the current release but then I said way back when that the lighting and texture setup will be corrected for a future release. Hey, it was an alpha right? Within a week I’d say that blueprint will be importing scenes perfectly (including lights, materials, textures and meshes). Your files are still valid, they’ll just look a whole lot better. So basically what you see in any 3D package is what you’ll see in blueprint. I’ll post the proverbial eye candy later for you to drool over. Note, I say that within a week it’ll be doing this, but this doesnt’ mean they’ll be a release in a week. This is just internally what’s going on. There are a LOT of changes happening for the next release based on functionaility (you’re going to love it!) and user suggestions thus far. Thanks and keep it coming. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh yeah, BTW, happy 100,000 hits. Two months and we rolled the odometer on this place. Wonder how long before we hit the million mark?