Okay, some people just don’t get it. If you’ve downloaded the new Simplorer and see this:

then Simplorer cannot find a valid copy of The Sims installed and will not continue to run. See the text that says “non-retail or corrupted”?? It’s not there for cosmetic looks or to piss you off. It means it cannot find a valid copy of The Sims and seems to be the point of controversy these days. Writing messages to me saying that you’re running a cracked version of the game or the no CD patch will not make me jump over tall buildings and remove this checking. Some people are still scratching their heads when this error comes up and are wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Now there is some validity in people that are running Simplorer under Virtual PC for the Mac (or other emulators) since they don’t want to install two versions of the game (PC and Mac) so this throws a new wrench into the works. However, if you did not buy the game from a store, install it from the CD and enter your serial number then you’ll probably be seeing this message.