Okay, new area for those that are lost already. Check out the tutorials section for a brand new tutorial on an introduction to blueprint. This is made with my fav online tool, ViewletBuilder and allows you to view a psuedo-live demonstration of blueprint in action. The first tutorial takes about 6 minutes to watch and a couple of minutes to download (depending on your connection). If you’re scratching your head wondering how to get this thing started, check it out. It’s worth the wait. More tutorials on the way.

Also, a couple of quick notes about the release earlier. The lighting is not complete and may not appear correctly with some models. Also, if you have a model you’re trying to import and blueprint is crashing for you, send me the 3DS file and I’ll take a look. It’ll help me with perfecting the importer. If you don’t mind, the 3DS file you send will be part of future releases (if it’s a private 3DS file let me know too and I’ll maintain your privacy and ownership of it).