Flippity, floppity. First it was the weekend, then it was Monday, then the weekend. Sigh.

Anyways, the alpha version is available for download now. If you’re still around to read this, then continue on…

This is an ALPHA version (as the name implies) and as such it not only incomplete but could crash and burn with the slightest breath. For those that want stable software, don’t bother just yet and wait for the final release. If you’re itching to be on the cutting edge then this is for you. Like I said, it has problems and is a work in progress but hey, some of you wanted it so here it is. What can it do? Import, edit, save. The only thing left is exporting the images and doing all that jazz. This isn’t perfected yet but will be implemented in the coming weeks. The most positive thing that can come out of this release is your feedback. If you have any suggestions, questions or general comments (or want to bash me liberally in front of everyone) then please use the blueprint support forum.

As for this release, It includes a few default texture maps but there are a whack of them you can download from the blueprint page if you want. Any bitmap can be used for textures though, but making them in sizes of multiple of 2 (16×16, 32×32, 64×64, etc.) will yield the best results (a limitation of the graphics engine used). You don’t need an accelerated card to use blueprint, but it helps. You will need to get a hold of some meshes to import and play with. A couple are included with blueprint. You can find more at www.3dcafe.com and other places (just do a search for “free 3D mesh” and you’ll find lots).

The updated SDK will be published in a few days along with the source to the 3D Studio importer. There was a lot of tweaking going on lately so I’ve made a few changes. This also broke the other importer for Alias Wavefront files so that’s still being fixed.

I’m just working on an online tutorial now but in the meantime if you have any questions don’t hesitate to yell. Enjoy.