Just an update on the eBay incidents. Apparently the seller in question wasn’t aware of what she was doing and thought it was just a way to make money. No harm was intended however after doing a little searching on eBay and some emails from people, this isn’t the only incident. There are several people selling users content on eBay. Now I can’t say that everyone is in the same boat as the first person I was told about, I’m sure some of them know quite well that the work they’re passing off isn’t theirs to do so with. In any case, the original seller has pulled the software and has offered to refund money to the people who did purchase it which was good of her. This still doesn’t excuse the dozen or so people selling the nude patch or other peoples skins or software on eBay, especially in CD format (selling it in CD format directly violates eBays policy as listed below).

Some people think that just because they’re not offering a CD (they will send you the files via email or provide a link to a place to download it from) or that they’re only charging a minimal amount ($10 or less) that they’re in the clear. This is not the case. You’re still selling other peoples work, and in the case of Maxis’ software, they will hunt you down and make living large is miserable thing for you. Just don’t do it. As for those that are selling their own work on eBay, I don’t see much sense in this. There are plenty of good quality sites that you can download all this and more from out there.