Just a sneak peek at what my well trained lab rats are up to lately. The UI overhaul is almost done for blueprint and below is a sample. The major change is a 3D Studio like set of panels on the side. A tab control at the side separates stacked panels that contain various controls, options, and editing information about your scene, object and other things in blueprint (like textures and materials). The stacked panels can be shown or hidden by just clicking on them so you expand only the ones you need, taking maximum use of your screen real estate. I’ve collapsed all the panels in the screenshot (don’t want to let all the secrets out at once). The other major improvement in the UI is the ability to have a pretty good choice of layouts when working with your objects. There’s various configurations besides the normal 1 view or 4 way split view you usually see in 3D packages. This will allow you to work in whatever mode you want and each view can be changed to whatever viewing angle you want. There’s also some new toolbars (completely customizable) and new display options. More images to come soon. Click on the thumbnail below for a full image.