Hi guys. A couple of things I wanted to clarify. The latest release of Simplorer will work with any copy of The Sims, including those running under Virtual PC (or other emulator) on a Mac. Some people are under the impression that it still won’t work without a valid installation of the game. What will happen is it might not be able to locate the Sims directory (which it uses as a base to browse from) so you will be asked to locate your Sims folder manually. Actually, this can be any folder.you want. Simplorer just takes it and builds a tree view from that folder and down. BTW, if you do have a Mac and are running Simplorer I’d like to see what it looks like under the Mac so send me a screenshot if you have a chance. I have a couple of Macs but nothing that can run the Sims and they’re collecting dust in my closet right now.

As for blueprint, like I said yesterday the program will operate in a few modes, mainly object mode and scene mode. So you could import 3D meshes into blueprint and use them in the scene builder and have Sim characters interact with them (well, not really interact but you know what I mean). However, it’s not advisable to switch from scene builder mode back to object mode and do something like export the scene because you’ll end up with a single object in the game that might have a dozen or so elements. Could be very odd.