The stuff keeps rolling in. I see that Simplorer (and even blueprint) has been nominated for Best Software Utility of the Year over at at the Silver Sims 2000 site. You can check out the other nominations as well. Looks like I’m taking another backseat to Tmog. Oh well, maybe next year. Although, considering I get a couple of thousand hits a day here and Tmog only has 13 votes so far I could sweep the catagory (hint hint). It is an honour to be nominated though (I know, typical Academy Award speech but you know the routine). You can also vote on other catagories like best Sim site, best Skin, etc. Drop by and check it out and vote for your pick here.

Personally I think there should be a “Most Sarcastic Website” award. I think I could win that hands down. “Best Vapourware” and “Biggest Comeback from a hard drive crash” are others that come to mind (if you buy into the whole lost my drive rebuilt from scratch thing, I do).